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#486: Top 5 Performances by Non-Professionals / Joe / Mistaken for Strangers

Filmspotting has been making radio for almost 10 years as amateurs, so Adam and Josh should have an insight or two on the folks…

#485: Top 5 Desert Island Directors / David Gordon Green & Tye Sheridan / Jonathan Glazer

Adam feels a bit like he's returned from a desert island, which is exactly where he and Josh head for this week’s Top 5: Desert…

#484: Nymphomaniac / Top 5 Sex-Obsessed Characters

Michael and Josh try to avoid embarrassing flashbacks to their adolescence when they get into this week’s Top 5: Sex-Obsessed…

#483: Noah / Top 5 Movie Boats

Hope you’ve got your sea legs for this week’s show as Josh and Michael Phillips count down their Top 5 Movie Boats, a list…

#482: Enemy / Top 5 Actor-Director Pairs / Muppets...

Jake Gyllenhaal tests his acting chops against... Jake Gyllenhaal, in the new psychological thriller ENEMY, Denis Villeneuve’s…

#481: Grand Budapest Hotel / Top 5 Wes Anderson Scenes

Wes Anderson takes such care with each frame that it would be easy to choose five favorite moments from any one of his films. But…

#480: Groundhog Day / Top 5 Harold Ramis Moments

CADDYSHACK, STRIPES, GHOSTBUSTERS… as an actor, a writer and a director, Harold Ramis left an indelible mark on the last three…
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