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FS-icons-MIXED Has redeeming elements
FS-icons-NEG Not enough or no redeeming elements


Filmspotting #510 Adam Josh
Listen up Philip
Filmspotting #509 Adam Josh
Gone Girl
Filmspotting #507 Josh Michael Phillips
Filmspotting #506 Adam Josh
The Skeleton Twins
Filmspotting #505 Adam Josh
Starred Up
Filmspotting #504 Adam Josh
The One I Love
Trip To Italy  
The Dog  
The Zero Theorem  
The Congress
Filmspotting #503 Adam Josh
Sin City 2: A Dame to Die For N/A
Filmspotting #502 Adam Josh
Dead Poets Society
Filmspotting #501
Adam Josh
Guardians of the Galaxy
Michael Phillips
Filmspotting Fix Adam Josh
Filmspotting #499 Adam Josh
Filmspotting #498 Adam Josh
Dawn of the Planet of the Apes
Filmspotting #497 Adam Josh
Filmspotting #496 Adam Josh
The Rover
Filmspotting#495 Adam Josh
Night Moves
Filmspotting #494 Adam Josh
The Immigrant
    Michael Phillips

Filmspotting #493 Josh Tasha Robinson
Filmspotting #492 Adam Josh
X-Men: Days of Future Past
    Michael Phillips
Filmspotting #491 Adam Josh
Godzilla N/A
The Double
Filmspotting #490 Adam Josh
Filmspotting #489 Adam   Josh
Blue Ruin     
Filmspotting#488  Adam Josh 
My Own Private Idaho    
Captain America: The Winter Soldier    
The Amazing Spider-Man 2  N/A  
Filmspotting #487 Adam Josh
Only Lovers Left Alive    
Under the Skin    
Filmspotting #486  Adam Josh 
Mistaken for Strangers    
Finding Vivian Maier  
Filmspotting #484 Josh Michael Phillips
Nymphomaniac: Vol. 1      
Nymphomaniac: Vol. 2   tbd
Filmspotting #483 Josh Michael Phillips
Filmspotting #482 Josh Michael Phillips
Muppets Most Wanted  
Filmspotting #481 Josh Michael Philliips
The Grand Budapest Hotel  
Filmspotting #480 Josh Michael Phillips
Groundhog Day  
Filmspotting #479 Adam Josh
Blazing Saddles
Filmspotting #478 Adam Josh
The Lego Movie
The Wind Rises
Filmspotting #476 Adam Josh
Life Itself N/A
The Great Beauty N/A
    Michael Phillips
Life Itself
The Great Beauty
Filmspotting #475 Adam Josh
Broken Circle Breakdown
Filmspotting #474 Adam Josh
Wolf of Wall St.
American Hustle
FS Fix Adam Josh
Inside Llewyn Davis  
Filmspotting #471 Adam Josh
Out of the Furnace
Filmspotting #470 Adam Josh
Filmspotting #469 Adam Josh
Filmspotting #468 Adam Josh
Dallas Buyers Club
Filmspotting #467 Adam Josh
Blue Is the Warmest Color
Filmspotting #466 Adam Josh
12 Years a Slave
    Michael Phillips
Filmspotting #465 Adam Josh
The Exorcist
The Chaser
Filmspotting #464 Adam Josh
Captain Phillips
Filmspotting #463 Adam Josh
Michael Phillips
Filmspotting #462 Adam Josh
Don Jon N/A
I'm a Cyborg, But That's OK
Filmspotting #461 Adam Josh
Short Term 12
Woman on the Beach
Filmspotting #460 Adam   Josh
A Single Shot N/A
The Bling Ring N/A
Behind the Candelabra N/A
World War Z N/A
Filmspotting #459 Adam Josh
2001: A Space Odyssey
    Michael Phillips
Filmspotting #458 Adam Josh
The Grandmaster
Filmspotting #457 Adam  Josh 
The World's End
Filmspotting #456 Adam Josh
Prince Avalanche
Drinking Buddies  
Fruitvale Station    
Filmspotting Review Adam Josh
The Act of Killing N/A
Filmspotting #455 Adam Josh
The Spectacular Now    
Filmspotting #454 Adam Josh
Blue Jasmine
    Michael Phillips 
Filmspotting #453 Adam Josh
Pacific Rim
Filmspotting #452 Matt Singer Alison Willmore
Only God Forgives
Filmspotting #450 Josh Michael Phillips
Man of Steel
Filmspotting #449 Adam Josh
Before Midnight
Filmspotting #448 Adam Josh
Frances Ha
Filmspotting #447 Adam Josh
Stories We Tell
Star Trek Into Darkness
Filmspotting #446 Adam Josh
The Great Gatsby
Filmspotting #445 Adam Josh
Iron Man 3
Filmspotting #444 Adam Josh
Filmspotting #443 Michael Phillips  Tasha Robinson 
Place Beyond the Pines  
Filmspotting #442 Adam Josh
To The Wonder
Filmspotting #441 Adam Josh
Trance FS-icons-MIXED FS-icons-PLUS
Filmspotting #440 Adam Josh
The Evil Dead  
Filmspotting #439  Adam Josh 
Spring Breakers FS-icons-PLUS FS-icons-NEG
Filmspotting #438 Adam Josh
Beyond the Hills FS-icons-PLUS FS-icons-PLUS
Filmspotting #437 Adam  Josh 
Oz: The Great and Powerful FS-icons-NEG FS-icons-PLUS
Filmspotting #436 Adam Josh
Stoker FS-icons-NEG FS-icons-PLUS
Filmspotting #435 Adam Josh
Like Someone in Love FS-icons-PLUS FS-icons-PLUS
Filmspotting #433 Adam Josh
Side Effects FS-icons-PLUS FS-icons-NEG
Filmspotting #432 Adam Josh
A Glimpse Inside the Mind of Charles Swan III FS-icons-NEG FS-icons-NEG
Filmspotting #431 Adam Josh
The Impossible FS-icons-NEG FS-icons-PLUS
Filmspotting #430 Adam Josh
Die Hard
Filmspotting #429 Adam Josh
Amour FS-icons-PLUS FS-icons-PLUS
Filmspotting #427 Adam Josh
Django Unchained FS-icons-PLUS FS-icons-PLUS
Filmspotting #425 Adam Josh
Zero Dark Thirty FS-icons-PLUS FS-icons-PLUS
The Hobbit FS-icons-NEG FS-icons-PLUS
Filmspotting #424 Adam Josh
Killing Them Softly FS-icons-PLUS  FS-icons-NEG 
Filmspotting #423 Adam Josh
Silver Linings Playbook FS-icons-NEG FS-icons-PLUS
Skyfall FS-icons-PLUS FS-icons-PLUS
Anna Karenina FS-icons-MIXED FS-icons-NEG
Filmspotting #422 Adam Josh
Lincoln FS-icons-NEG FS-icons-PLUS
Close Encounters of the Third Kind
    Michael Phillips
Lincoln FS-icons-PLUS
Close Encounters of the Third Kind
Filmspotting #420 Adam Josh
Cloud Atlas FS-icons-PLUS FS-icons-PLUS
Filmspotting #419 Adam   Josh
The Shining
Room 237 FS-icons-PLUS FS-icons-PLUS
    Michael Phillips
The Shining  
Room 237 FS-icons-MIXED 
Filmspotting #418 Adam Josh
Argo FS-icons-PLUS FS-icons-NEG
Filmspotting #417 Adam 
Seven Psychopaths FS-icons-PLUS 
Filmspotting #416 Adam  Josh 
Looper  FS-icons-PLUS FS-icons-PLUS 
Filmspotting #415 Adam Josh
The Master FS-icons-PLUS FS-icons-PLUS
Filmspotting #414  Adam Josh 
End of Watch  FS-icons-PLUS  FS-icons-NEG
Filmspotting #413 Adam  Josh 
Raiders of the Lost Ark    
Michael Phillips
Filmspotting #412 Adam  Josh 
Alps  FS-icons-PLUS  FS-icons-PLUS
Filmspotting #411  Adam  Josh
Cosmopolis FS-icons-PLUS   FS-icons-PLUS
Filmspotting #409 Adam Josh
The Bourne Legacy FS-icons-MIXED FS-icons-PLUS
Filmspotting #408 Adam   Josh
Killer Joe FS-icons-PLUS   FS-icons-PLUS
Filmspotting #407   Adam Josh 
Ruby Sparks FS-icons-PLUS   FS-icons-NEG
Filmspotting #406  Adam Josh 
The Dark Knight Rises  FS-icons-PLUS FS-icons-PLUS 
Beasts of the Southern Wild  FS-icons-PLUS FS-icons-PLUS
Filmspotting #405 Adam  Josh 
The Amazing Spider-Man  FS-icons-MIXED  FS-icons-NEG
Filmspotting #404 Adam  Josh 
Ted FS-icons-PLUS  FS-icons-PLUS 
Filmspotting #403 Adam  Josh 
Magic Mike  FS-icons-PLUS  FS-icons-PLUS
 Michael Phillips
Filmspotting #402 Adam  Josh 
Brave FS-icons-PLUS   FS-icons-PLUS
Filmspotting #401  Adam Josh 
Your Sister's Sister FS-icons-PLUS   FS-icons-PLUS
Safety Not Guaranteed  FS-icons-PLUS   FS-icons-NEG
Filmspotting #400 Adam  Josh 
Prometheus  FS-icons-PLUS  FS-icons-NEG
Moonrise Kingdom  FS-icons-PLUS FS-icons-PLUS 
Michael Phillips Dana Stevens
Prometheus FS-icons-PLUS  FS-icons-MIXED 
Moonrise Kingdom N/A FS-icons-PLUS 
Filmspotting #399 Adam  Josh 
Bernie  FS-icons-MIXED FS-icons-PLUS 
Filmspotting #398 Adam   Josh
Sound of My Voice  FS-icons-MIXED  FS-icons-NEG
Filmspotting #397  Adam  Josh
Dark Shadows  FS-icons-NEG  FS-icons-NEG
Filmspotting #396 Adam  Josh 
The Avengers  FS-icons-NEG  FS-icons-PLUS
Filmspotting #395 Adam  Josh 
To Kill a Mockingbird  
Monsieur Lazhar FS-icons-PLUS N/A
This Is Not a Film FS-icons-PLUS  FS-icons-PLUS
Michael Phillips
To Kill a Mockingbird  
Monsieur Lazhar FS-icons-MIXED 
This Is Not a Film FS-icons-PLUS 
Filmspotting #394 Adam  Josh 
The Cabin in the Woods FS-icons-PLUS FS-icons-PLUS
Filmspotting #393 Adam  Josh
The Kid With a Bike  FS-icons-PLUS FS-icons-PLUS
Jiro Dreams of Sushi  FS-icons-PLUS N/A 
Filmspotting #392 Adam Josh
The Hunger Games  FS-icons-MIXED  FS-icons-PLUS
Filmspotting #391 Adam  Josh 
Once Upon a Time in Anatolia  FS-icons-PLUS  FS-icons-PLUS
Jeff, Who Lives at Home  FS-icons-PLUS  FS-icons-PLUS
 Michael Phillips
Filmspotting #390 Adam Josh
Pulp Fiction    
Filmspotting #389 Adam  Josh 
John Carter  FS-icons-MIXED  FS-icons-PLUS
The Lorax  FS-icons-PLUS N/A 
The Secret World of Arrietty  FS-icons-PLUS FS-icons-PLUS
Filmspotting #388  Adam Josh 
Wanderlust  FS-icons-MIXED  FS-icons-PLUS
Filmspotting #387 Adam Michael Phillips
The Secret World of Arriety FS-icons-PLUS FS-icons-PLUS
Rampart  FS-icons-MIXED FS-icons-PLUS
Filmspotting #386 Adam Josh
50/50 FS-icons-PLUS FS-icons-PLUS
Higher Ground FS-icons-PLUS FS-icons-PLUS
Project Nim FS-icons-PLUS FS-icons-PLUS
Filmspotting #385  Adam  Josh
The Innkeepers  FS-icons-PLUS FS-icons-NEG
Filmspotting #384 Adam   Josh
We Need to Talk About Kevin  FS-icons-NEG  FS-icons-NEG
Coriolanus FS-icons-PLUS   FS-icons-PLUS
Filmspotting #383 Adam Josh
Haywire  FS-icons-MIXED  FS-icons-PLUS
A Separation  FS-icons-PLUS  FS-icons-PLUS
Filmspotting #382 Adam  Josh 
Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close  FS-icons-MIXED  FS-icons-NEG
Filmspotting #381 Adam   Steve Prokopy 
Carnage FS-icons-NEG  FS-icons-MIXED
Iron Lady FS-icons-NEG FS-icons-NEG
Filmspotting #379 Matt Singer  Alison Willmore 
War Horse  FS-icons-MIXED  FS-icons-PLUS 
Filmspotting #378 Adam  Steve Prokopy 
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo FS-icons-MIXED  FS-icons-PLUS 
Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol  N/A FS-icons-PLUS 
The Adventures of Tintin  FS-icons-MIXED FS-icons-NEG 
We Bought a Zoo  N/A FS-icons-PLUS 
The Artist FS-icons-PLUS FS-icons-PLUS 
The Skin I Live In FS-icons-PLUS FS-icons-PLUS 
Filmspotting #377 Adam Michael Phillips
Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy FS-icons-MIXED FS-icons-PLUS
A Dangerous Method FS-icons-NEG FS-icons-PLUS
Young Adult FS-icons-MIXED FS-icons-MIXED
Filmspotting #376 Adam Josh Larsen
Shame FS-icons-MIXED FS-icons-PLUS
Filmspotting #375 Adam Tasha Robinson
Hugo FS-icons-PLUS FS-icons-MIXED
The Muppets FS-icons-MIXED FS-icons-PLUS
Filmspotting #374 Adam Chris Klimek
The Descendants FS-icons-PLUS FS-icons-PLUS
Filmspotting #373 Adam Rian Johnson
Melancholia FS-icons-PLUS FS-icons-PLUS
Filmspotting #372 Adam Alison Willmore
Like Crazy FS-icons-MIXED FS-icons-MIXED
Filmspotting #371 Adam Josh Larsen
Martha Marcy May Marlene FS-icons-PLUS FS-icons-PLUS
The Rum Diary FS-icons-NEG FS-icons-NEG
Filmspotting #370 Adam Tasha Robinson
Red State FS-icons-MIXED FS-icons-MIXED
Blackthorn FS-icons-MIXED FS-icons-MIXED
The Way  N/A FS-icons-PLUS
Filmspotting #369 Adam Chris Klimek
Footloose FS-icons-NEG FS-icons-MIXED
The Thing FS-icons-PLUS FS-icons-NEG
Filmspotting #368 Adam Dana Stevens
Take Shelter FS-icons-PLUS FS-icons-PLUS
Weekend FS-icons-PLUS FS-icons-PLUS
Filmspotting #367 Adam Michael Phillips
The Ides of March FS-icons-MIXED FS-icons-PLUS

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