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#511: Whiplash / Top 5 Mentor-Proteges

It's the inspirational tale of a couple down-on-their-luck podcasters who make good with the help of a crusty old radio veteran.…

#510: Schwartzman & Perry / Top 5 Narcissists

Finally, a Top 5 that Adam and Josh can relate to: Movie Narcissists. Plus, a conversation with writer/director Alex Ross Perry…

#509: Gone Girl / Top 5 Movie Missives

Before email, texts, Twitter and Snapchat, movie characters had to rely on ‘The Letter’ to communicate their most heartfelt…

Gone Girl (Full Review w/ Spoilers)

It's a Fimspotting spoiler special! Josh and Adam go long on David Fincher's GONE GIRL. (Spoilers begin around the 19 minute…

#508: Chi. Film Fest Preview / Top 5 CIFF Discoveries

With the 50th annual Chicago International Film Festival kicking off Oct. 9, Josh and Adam highlight some of the films worth…

#507: Tusk / Top 5 Movie Manimals

With Adam out, Josh found a willing accomplice in Michael Phillips for a countdown of their Top 5 Movie Manimals, tying in with…

#506: Top 5 Lynch Scenes / Eraserhead / Skeleton Twins

It's Sociopath Week at the Filmspotting Lounge... half off Pabst Blue Ribbons and nitrous oxide chasers! The perfect combo to put…
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